Famous Woman in Historical Fiction

Alias, Grace (Grace Marks, accused murderess) by Atwood, M.
Mr. Emerson's Wife by Brown, A.
Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper by Chessman, H.
Too Great a Lady: The Notorious, Glorious Life of Emma, Lady Hamilton (mistress of Horatio “Hornblower” Nelson) by Elyot, A.
The Secret Life of Josephine: Napoleon’s Bird of Paradise by Erickson, C.
Lucy (Lucy Mercer & FDR) by Feldman, E.
Lady’s Maid (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) by Forster, M.
Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles by George, M.
Stone Heart (Sacajawea) by Glancy, D.
The Boleyn Inheritance by Gregory, P.
The Constant Princess (Catherine of Aragon) by Gregory, P.
The Other Boleyn Girl by Gregory, P.
The Emancipator’s Wife by Hambly, B.
Patriot Hearts: A Novel of the Founding Mothers by Hambly, B.
Widow of the South (Carrie McGavock) by Hicks, R.
Loving Frank (Mamah B. Cheney, mistress of Frank Lloyd Wright) by Horan, N.
Sister (Emily Dickinson) by Kaufmann, P.
Lady MacBeth by King, S.
Afternoons With Emily (Dickinson) by Macmurray, R.
An Army of Angels (Joan of Arc) by Marcantal, P.
The Wild Irish (Grace O’Malley, Pirate Queen) by Maxwell, R.
Antony and Cleopatra by McCullough, C.
I, Elizabeth (Elizabeth I) by Miles, R.
Empress Orchid (Tsu Hsi, China’s Last Empress) by Min, A.
Nefertiti by Moran, M.
Just Jane ( Austen) by Moser, N.
Frida (Kahlo) by Mujica, B.
Signed, Mata Hari by Murphy, Y.
Abundance (Marie Antoinette) by Naslund, S.
Harriet and Isabella (Harriet Beecher Stowe) by O’Brien, P.
Time and Chance (Eleanor of Aquitaine) by Penman, S.
Gatsby’s Girl (Ginevra King & F. Scott Fitzgerald by Preston, C.
Farewell, My Queen (Marie Antoinette) by Thomas, C.
The Passion of Artemisia (Artemisia Gentileschi) by Vreeland, S.
The Lady Elizabeth by Weir, A.
Fanny (Fanny Wright, utopian feminist, & Mrs. Frances Trollope) by White, E.